Ice Berg, a.k.a. Andrew Rosenthal.

Andrew Rosenthal has worked professionally in the music business for over twenty years. His first band Martini Ranch -- formed with actor Bill Paxton and signed to Sire/Warner Brothers Records -- not only enlisted the talents of the B-52’s, Devo , Mark Isham, and Robert O’Hearn of Missing Persons for its first album, but also resulted in the only rock music video ever directed by James Cameron. Reach was shot on 35mm and was recently included in a retrospective of Cameron’s work at the American Cinemateque. Since moving on from Martini Ranch, Andrew has had over 120 songs published and has composed music for dozens of television shows and feature films. He has produced numerous albums (most recently for ‘Ghost of the Robot,’ featuring James Marsters) and even garnered an Emmy nomination along with Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo) for musical direction and composition. During his stint as Director of Marketing at Del Fi Records, Andrew earned a Triple Platinum album for his marketing efforts on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack, which he followed up with the highly successful Pulp Surfin’. He has also worked as an actor (in everything from Laverne and Shirley to M*A*S*H) and has performed as Sound Effects Editor on numerous feature films, including Better Luck Tomorrow (MTV Films), Jeepers Creepers (Zoetrope), Anniversary Party (Fineline), and Deuces Wild. Born in Los Angeles, he grew up at the Turf Club at Hollywood Park where his family raced horses, Hillcrest Country Club, and the Friar’s Club (among the likes of George Burns, Jack Benny and Milton Berle) where, according to his mother, he spent most of his time in the bathroom stealing combs.

Headed for trouble at an early age.

(Trivia note: The band ‘The Seeds’ lived in this same apartment building in the Valley.)

Sweet dreams with Herman Munster.

Young Andy’s family and friends with one of their race horses in the Winner’s Circle at Hollywood Park. That’s Willie Shoemaker in the saddle.

Enlarged from the Winner’s Circle photo, Andy’s mother and uncle.

Andy’s first band Martini Ranch, with Bill Paxton.

Martini Ranch’s first CD, Holy Cow.

Martini Ranch single Labouring Man.

Jim Cameron directs the Martini Ranch ‘Reach’ video, the only music video he has ever directed. (DP John Leonetti can be seen in the background.)

Martini Ranch appears with the Cramps in Berkeley.

Back in Berkeley, this time with Bauhaus.

Several years ago Andy traveled to Prague in search of his roots. Within the centuries-old walled Jewish Ghetto he visited the historic Old-New Synagogue, the High Synagogue (the Town Hall Synagogue), the Maisel Synagogue, the Klausen Synagogue, the Pinkasen Synagogue (where he found his family name Rosenthal inscribed on a wall honoring victims of the Holocaust), the Spanish Synagogue, and the Old Jewish Cemetery. The following photos speak for themselves.

Ice Berg says the visit to Prague changed his life and his music forever.

The other Westside connection.

Ice Berg greets the paparazzi.

Scooter, Ice Berg's biggest fan.

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